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December 2020

Battling Static Cling!


Static electricity in the salon got you down?

I personally don’t like to use fabric softener sheets but they DO work wonders for ending static electricity on your uniform and on your grooming table.

Simply place one in the bottom of each of your shoes to stop those gobs of slippery hair sticking to your feet, and one in the pocket of your grooming smock to help stop its sticking to your uniform.

If you’re extra desperate you can even take one and rub it across the surface of your grooming table a couple of times through the day to help alleviate hair sticking there as well.


For your tools and the dog a good coat conditioner during the bathing process and a follow up scissoring/anti-static spray is still the best method. This does a great job at alleviating sticky situations as well as those electric shocks!


Try to avoid misting with simple water as it can actually make the problem worse once it evaporates!


Static electrical charge can actually work to lift the hair cuticle surface as well!

HV dryers are great at getting the coat dry, but those warm magnetic motors actually can generate additional static charge once the coat is dry if adequate remoisturizing has not been done to the skin and coat.


This causes a greater possibility of coat damage during combing and brushing, and lots of tangling while at home between grooming visits. 

Dry, damaged coats and white, porous coats are at an immediate static charge disadvantage as soon as we strip away skin oil during the bathing process.


Never underestimate the importance of your coat conditioners and grooming sprays to help smooth the hair shaft, return a bit of moisture lost during cleansing, provide slip for your tools, and to add to overall hair strength and coat health!



Enough Is Enough

Tell me again how this industry should not require industry-specific testing, require continued education each year, have local business registration and licensing alongside industry certification, how we shouldn’t have a system in place for accountability and reporting when our groomers witness this type of ongoing behavior only to be met with no opportunity for professional monitoring when we are the ones who best recognize mishandling. 

We as “professional caregivers” can’t even report blatant disregard for even the most minimum of care and handling practices being upheld.

WE are ASKING to be governed over by not getting our shit together.

Tell me again how groomers like this should be allowed to just keep on doing this, publicly posting it, with no industry repercussion, making us all look like we might be capable of hurting the very animals that we claim to be caring for.

And tell me again how this type of shit doesn’t put us directly in the crosshairs of the same legislators we definitely do NOT want randomly governing us, because of this type of stuff going on and pet owners pushing for accountability.


Put down the torches and pitchforks on social media and groomer forums, and pick up the phone!

Call your local groomers, put a group together and then call your local legislators, introduce yourself, and pledge to them that you want these things to stop and will work to be an advocate for professionals like yourself so these types of groomers can no longer continue doing this.

Video after video on her channel, dog after dog... they deserve more. 

We deserve more as an entire industry.


I wish we could all be left alone to groom happily and peacefully in this industry... but it’s apples like this that make the whole bushel look bad. And people like this aren’t going anywhere unless we do something about it.



And the owner then stayed tableside to hold it down while she finished.

Anyone ever had a dog seizure on your table before? 

Would you finish the groom on the poor thing?!

The owner allowed this dog to be a matted mess and then helped push it through an awfully stressful and painful groom just to get it done- which are two strokes on him, IMO. 

Want owner accountability for neglect or for them not to be able to blame us for things we didn’t do? Then industry regulation and networking between pro groomers needs to happen, because no time soon is a state going to view a dog as anything more than personal property like that of a suitcase- unless we push for that, too.


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Honoring Our Seniors


We need to honor and respect and appreciate our senior pets that come to us for care. 

We need to slow down and have empathy and exude kindness and patience when they come to us for the care that they very much need in order to have quality of life. 

We as professionals in the business of offering CARE... must be willing to actually CARE.


We have to be willing to step back from a place of duty, and work from a place of the heart.

We need to respect our clients who have faithfully brought their pets to us, which in turn has supported our business and us caring for ourselves and our families and bestow that mutual appreciation to the end. 


We too, will grow old someday. Mind that thought. 

For yourself, you would never want to be at the mercy of someone taking care of you without kindness, honor, respect and patience for all you’ve experienced, all you’ve given, and how little you ask for in return.