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Chemical Scent Signatures On Safety Equipment


Something a few groomers might not have thought about, or maybe you did and you’re already addressing it…

If you use a muzzle or an E collar on a dog that tries to bite you, or is scared, the next dog on which you use that muzzle or E collar can smell whatever came out and that dog’s breath or saliva or skin oil that was left behind on your equipment.

These things stay behind on hard surfaces for quite a while (porous surfaces even longer) even though pheromone and stress chemical signatures released into the air will dissipate in a much shorter period of time.


It’s science, not woo, trust me.


So what do groomers do to cleanse these things between each pet- not only for sanitization, but to remove these scent signatures that could in turn cause the next pet additional stress or anxiety by smelling and reading them?

I prefer a hot water and antibacterial dish soap scrub on each piece after use. Once dry, I then apply a hydrosol of chamomile essential oil.



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