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Chemical Scent Signatures On Safety Equipment


Something a few groomers might not have thought about, or maybe you did and you’re already addressing it…

If you use a muzzle or an E collar on a dog that tries to bite you, or is scared, the next dog on which you use that muzzle or E collar can smell whatever came out and that dog’s breath or saliva or skin oil that was left behind on your equipment.

These things stay behind on hard surfaces for quite a while (porous surfaces even longer) even though pheromone and stress chemical signatures released into the air will dissipate in a much shorter period of time.


It’s science, not woo, trust me.


So what do groomers do to cleanse these things between each pet- not only for sanitization, but to remove these scent signatures that could in turn cause the next pet additional stress or anxiety by smelling and reading them?

I prefer a hot water and antibacterial dish soap scrub on each piece after use. Once dry, I then apply a hydrosol of chamomile essential oil.


Medicated Shampoos

Can we talk a little bit about how often groomers are using OTC medicated shampoos in the salon to combat things like yeast, secondary bacteria and fleas? 

Not prescription medications from a vet, but over the counter truly medicated formulas like all of our pesticidal formulas, and our skin treatment formulas like Chlorhexidine, KetoChlor, SulfurBenz, Ketoconazole, MiconaHex, MalAcetic, Malaseb, etc..


Do you find yourself using these products more than once a day? 


Are you using gloves and an apron and possibly even a mask to protect your skin, your eyes, and your airways?


Have you considered learning about using raw ingredients such as sulfur, pure oils, and clays for therapies instead of off-the-shelf medicated shampoos? 


Are you using these products but wonder about a safer and equally effective way to combat skin and coat issues we commonly see, while keeping yourself safer? Or do you honestly just not find yourselves gloving up like you probably should be because you are in a rush or aren’t sure if what you’re using might eventually cause harm? 


Do you ever wonder if washing the same dog in a medicated shampoo at every grooming visit could actually be causing the dog’s symptoms to be harder to treat due to bacterial resistance and adaptability? 


These ready to use products can definitely help, but we just want to remember that they are a medicine with truly active ingredients just as much as any tablet or liquid suspension. 



Even though the active ingredients within these formulations are in very small amounts, it’s the low level exposure and repetitive contact that groomers should try to be aware of and protect ourselves from.


For our industry, liquid grooming products have come a really long way in their formulations, effectiveness, and ease-of-use. 


I just want to ask groomers to remember that these formulas are definitely a medicine, and we should be protecting ourselves whenever we use them in order to possibly avoid health risk or immune system response. 

Especially when many formulas might list their active ingredients but are not federally required to list the entire ingredients deck for a product because of our industry being unregulated. 


Take good care of yourselves groomers! ❤️