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Pro Lighting Tips for Pet Boutique Retailers and Grooming Salons

How often have you walked into a corporate retail store and noticed their lighting? If they’ve done their job correctly, you shouldn’t have noticed their lighting at all. In order to create a professional and shoppable retail experience for your clients, good lighting is a MUST! Good lighting is even more important for the empty nested, aging Baby Boomer population that loves to dote on their fur-babies.

I will explain the why, what, and how to increase your retail sales with lighting techniques employed by the most successful retail businesses. We now know the “why” we must install good lighting, but now we need to know the “what.” There are several lighting techniques that have very specific jobs in a professional retail environment.

Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting is used to enhance the overall mood for a better shopping experience. Ambient lighting can be used to convey a happy, bright, and clean environment or when dimmed can create a cozy atmosphere. Generally bright and happy ambient lighting is best used for successful pet retailing.

Task Lighting: Task lighting is utilized to cover something specific where lighting is NEEDED. Locations that NEED task lighting may be directly over your grooming tables, register, front desk, bathroom, and front entrance.

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is used to highlight your merchandise to bring awareness to certain products which increase your overall sales. Track lights can accomplish this task and give flexibility to move and change the lighting when you have seasonal or major store merchandise revamp. In addition to spotlights you can add to track lighting to highlight your merchandise as there are a multitude of designer, drop pendant lights that click into track lights to fit your overall décor.

Decorative Lighting: Decorative lighting is often used to assist in your overall store design and theme. A store with an upscale clientele will often use chandeliers to convey an exclusive and upscale atmosphere while an industrial themed store may use an old fashioned looking light fixture with Edison bulbs.

Now that we know the “why” and “what,” let's look at the “how” to improve your pet retail shopping experience with pro lighting tips. If you are opening a new store, invest and choose your light fixtures carefully as they can save you thousands of dollars over the years. When choosing your lighting, spend a few extra dollars now by choosing light fixtures and light bulbs with light emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lights or (CFL.) CFL’s are simply miniature versions of full sized fluorescent bulbs.

For those of you that want to upgrade and improve your existing lighting, this next section is for you! What if I told you there was a service to help small business owners decrease monthly utility bills by fixing, replacing, and minimizing usage of energy in your business and this service is absolutely FREE! Your local utility company (depending on your city/state) will outsource a contractor whose job it is to check your utility fixtures and appliances to make recommendations on how you can save energy and thus save money every month and then replace them for you.

Yes, that’s right… this service is FREE! In many cases, the contractor will clean and replace filters, upgrade light fixtures, and replace light bulbs with the most energy efficient ones on the market. In my case, I had no less than 50 light bulbs replaced from incandescent bulbs to LED and a CFLs. I had 3 air conditioner filters cleaned, and 4 light fixtures completely replaced. My monthly energy bill plummeted from an average of $550 per month down to $300! I bet you can think of a lot of things to do with that extra monthly savings? Why thank you for asking…I absolutely adore musicals, concerts, fancy hotels, and date nights with my Husband!

You can send me a gift card any time you’re feeling generous! Just kidding! Although lighting is not the “sexiest” part of retailing, when done well, it can increase your sales, and save you quite a bit of cash. You can use this cash to further add or refine your pet retailing experience for your clients and your profit margins. Happy Retailing...until me meet again!


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