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How to Intrigue New and Veteran Clients

How do you intrigue new clients and veteran clients into repeatedly patronizing your business over your competition?

Turn your business into an "experience" to make your business unforgettable. Your current and future clients will brag about your business to all their friends, family, and social media platforms! You can get clients walking through your doors with a well designed space with well crafted photos of your business on several social media platforms! The more excited you get about YOUR business...the more excited your current & future clients will become!

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One way to create ambiance that is unforgettable...use your vertical wall space! In most well designed spaces, wall space is NOT an afterthought. It can set the tone, ambiance, and "experience" for your business. How do you keep your walls looking professional, uncluttered, & well designed? It’s a fine art but one that needs to be done to make a great impression.

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A paint treatment can often be the most affordable way to completely change your store design. Do you have tall ceilings and don’t know what to do with the space? Do you want your space to look more intimate? Cut your colors in half! Do you have a big wall but don’t want to clutter with photos?

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Make yourself a mural with tape & paint! Do you want to showcase photos in a well designed way? I’ve posted some inspiration pics found online that will give you ideas to solve these common store design challenges. Although most of these ideas are residential, they easily convert for commercial application.

Until next time... Happy Pet Retailing


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