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Work hard everyday to add a little spicecalled “perfection” to your retail merchandising and watch your sales soar!

“People feel perfection.” This quote by Walt Disney sums up the experience shoppers have when they are visiting a very well designed and well merchandised venue with great ambiance. I work diligently everyday through carefully merchandised displays to create an ambiance of perfection. I change my displays quite frequently because I consider how each merchandised vinette is selling. The better designed your business, the easier it is for your merchandise to “sell itself!” Read on and we’ll explore the many ways in which we can all improve our pet retail merchandising in hopes of getting us one step closer to Walt himself! 

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Although this ancient Hebrew proverb wasn’t intended for pet retailing… it still applies today! When merchandising your store or salon, do you go the extra mile to ensure that you have a very neat, clean, tidy, and organized store? In stores with Grooming Salons, they are more prone to fur balls, dust, and flyaways that fall off pets’ fur when they are being dropped off or picked up from their Groomer. Although this is an endless cycle of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping… do you have “cleaning stations” to assist you with this daily chore to make you and your staff more productive? Having a designated cleaning “station” with broom, mop, paper towels, floor cleaner, poop bags, and trash can can make this task so much easier. You and your staff will have easy access to cleaning supplies, and your clients have a self clean up station to clean up after their own pet.

Pro Tip: Hiring a cleaning company to provide you with weekly or monthly cleaning supplies and holders can often lead to more productivity for the management/owner team and less expense too! Provide signage at each clean up station and let your clients clean up after themselves which will ensure you and your staff stay productive even when an “accident” occurs.


“Design is intelligence made visual.” This anonymous quote is one of my favorites as it speaks volumes about the importance of good design. Good design can be a well coded website, a visually stunning store, and even the attention to detail within your in store packaging and vignette  merchandising. There are many times that I have received amazing merchandise to stock my store but the packaging clashed with my store or it was...meh. What does one do? Create your own packaging and merchandising! There are endless merchandisers, wrappers, bags, boxes, pockets, cloth bags, tissue, ribbons, and the like to spruce up your retail merchandising. Take these tennis balls...yes, I can sell these in a bucket but they don’t sell nearly half as well as they do here in their own cupcake stand! Sometimes the combination of two inanimate objects create beautiful
merchandising! It’s hard to keep these tennis balls in stock! If you treat the most simple item like a gem…people will react to your gem by purchasing!

Join me next time in my pursuit of retail “perfection” as we’ll cover more topics in order to improve your retail sales and get you AND your clients closer to the “Walt effect!” Happy Pet Retailing! Until next time…
Leel Michelle



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