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The "Cool" Factor

Design is Intelligence Made Visual

Throughout millennia humans have always loved beauty and design. This love of beauty and design has allowed our species to evolve throughout time. Humans have used their love of beauty and design to forage for non poisonous foods, select and create the right tools to build a better World in which to live, and even find the perfect mate. Knowing that beauty and design impact our daily lives and how you can use it to curate your clients’ retail “experience” is key to your stores’ success.


How will beauty and design improve your sales? Can you think of a time you may have had mediocre food at a restaurant but the ambiance was so amazing the food tasted even better? That was a good design experience! Good design is the secret ingredient to most successful businesses. In today’s competitive eCommerce market, providing a well designed experience for your brand will separate you from the pack.The moment a potential client enters a keyword search term in their smartphone and they see your business…they are already “experiencing” your brand with or without good design. From your business logo, website, and storefront to well curated collections of retail merchandise; your clients are deciding if your brand fits their lifestyle.

How do you apply good design principles to keep your clients coming back for more? Consistency, simplicity, and a little whimsy is key! Humans’ trust consistency. Keeping your theme, colors, and store design consistent creates a sense of familiarity and trust with your clientele. Having a clearly designed brand will not only help your clients but it will simplify your future design and purchasing of inventory, marketing and more. Leonardo da Vinci was quoted saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” The essence of this quote is having a major moment in design all over the World. The company Apple made millions of dollars mastering the art of sophistication through simplicity. How simple is your message, design, and shopping experience? Clients are so busy that shopping needs to be as simple as possible. Does your store have clearly defined areas with good signage for every department or is your inventory jumbled together from floor to ceiling? Is your website optimized for minimal clicks for a seamless shopping experience? Study the shopping experience of your store through the eyes of your clientele and find ways to simplify and then add some whimsy! Whimsy or “Whimsical” defined by Merriam Webster is “unusual in a playful or amusing way.” Introduce a little whimsy into your store design so your store can stand out as an unusual, playful, or amusing place to be! You can create whimsy by having a clearly defined store theme, accent mural, unique store displays, and even throwing unique store events. Creating a positive “feeling” through whimsy in your business will keep your clients not only coming back for more but creating buzz by sharing with their social circles as well!



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