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Bath Club Membership for Groomers!

Why Your Salon Should Have a Bath Club Membership

Do you want to make a steady monthly income without spending a single additional dollar to do so? IF you have bathers in your salon…you can make at least enough income monthly to cover your lease, utilities, and much more!

This month I’ll be going into detail on how you can incorporate this into your salon in my seminar at Global Pet Expo. Of course I will include below some reasons WHY you should do this so keep reading to learn more.

Do you want to enjoy the additional income that you can bring in without investing in new equipment, new inventory or new fixtures? I’ll explain why with a little time investment, some website tweaks, and minimal marketing to new and current clientele, this is an easy revenue stream that’s a win-win for both salon owners and clients alike.

First of all, WHY should you add a bath club membership? Doesn’t it take money away from all the Grooming clients? The answer is no!

If structured correctly these clients get groomed as often but their dogs are better behaved and not matted because you’re able to keep their coat in good condition when they come in for a full priced haircut. Let’s consider some additional benefits of WHY you need a bath club membership in your pet grooming salon.

Say goodbye to awkward dematting upcharges for those loyal clients that like to keep a full coat but don’t like to pay the extra dematting fees. In addition; multiple dog households, and full or show coat dogs benefit greatly since they will be kept in good condition from a professional…you! This program is also ideal for Seniors that can no longer wash their own dog but still want to cuddle with a clean and fluffy pup.

It makes your scissoring job much quicker because you already bathe this dog on a regular basis, no more matting to brush out! Time is money after all.

Frequent clients are your biggest Cheerleaders! The more clients spend time with you, the more they can brag about you! They will often refer a lot of clients to you because they visit you on average once a month instead of every 6-8 weeks.

Loyal, frequent clients spend more money on additional services and products because they are in your business so often. For grooming salons inside of retail locations…this is an excellent way to substantially increase your store income through the sale of additional pet supplies.

Bath Club clients are great for employee training! If you have a pet grooming school or new employees, bath club membership clients are a great way to train “newbies.” The dogs are generally very well trained for the tub and table because they’re in your salon so often.

I’ve given you plenty of reasons WHY you should add a Bath Club Membership to your salon. For those of you that cannot go to Global Pet Expo this year to hear my seminar...below is a quick summary of how you can implement this program in your salon.

You MUST have bathers. Groomers won’t make $$ on Bath Club Membership dogs, and therefore will not be inclined to want to bathe them unless you have an hourly groomer that needs more hours or is the newest groomer on the totem pole. Good bathers are worth their weight in gold. They will make lots of tips on Bath Membership clients as well.

Don’t under price your monthly bath services.
You’ll be in a world of hurt if you get that full-coated weekly GoldenDoodle that takes 3 hours to bathe and dry 1-2 times a week at a price that doesn’t include the cost of water, shampoo, and labor.

My sweet spot was charging 1½ - 2 times our regular bath price for unlimited bathing.

In general most clients utilize the bath membership only once a month and perhaps 10-20% will come in once a week. Remember that you can always increase this price annually. You can use price adjusting to “fire” a client that is taking advantage of you and your staff by including a large hike in this monthly fee. Your best practice is to first figure out the numbers (fees and costs) for your operation before implementing your program. It must make financial sense for your business.

Schedule your Bath Club clients after your full cut clients. Although others do this differently, I always prioritized haircut client baths in the morning so my Groomers start cutting right away.

Schedule Bath Club clients later in the morning or afternoon with the same bathers. In addition, eliminate or minimize your Bath Club clients on Saturdays so you’re utilizing your busiest days and labor wisely.

The high labor cost of owning a pet grooming salon should have multiple streams of income to remain successful in ever changing markets.

When one revenue stream is affected by staff, economy or trends, you have others to keep you afloat. Adding a Bath Club Membership to your pet grooming salon ensures that you always have your base expenses covered, and very loyal, happy clientele singing your praises while referring even more clients to you!

For more information about starting a Bath Club Membership be sure to catch my detailed seminar at Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida, or use my email below.

Soon we’ll have a detailed guide available for purchase for a nominal fee with details on starting and implementing your very own Bath Club Membership Program.

We look forward to assisting you in making your business even more successful than ever!

Until next time, Leel Michelle

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