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Holiday Promotional Tips

During the Holidays clients want something special for gift giving.The Holidays are always hectic for us all so anytime a store or grooming salon can give the gift of time or joy to a client… they will never forget it. Offering gifts of value or joy creates loyal clients for life! Below are some ideas that have been tried by many stores in the pet industry. Find one that works for you and put your unique spin on it because you are why your clients keep coming back to you!

Valet Parking: For a busy grooming salon, the drop off and pick up of pets can be a tedious and time consuming task. Perhaps your “gift” to the client this year can be offering a text or phone system alert when they are driving up and dropping off their pet for grooming. You can run this special for December only or charge a premium for this service that will save your client a lot of time all year round!

Holiday Photo Opportunities: Who doesn’t love to see a photo of their dog with Santa? Have a client appreciation day in December by having a staff member dress up like Santa! You can offer a coupon in advance to encourage shopping the night of the event and add some drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Offering a unique, and fun activity showing your clients your appreciation while saving them $ is a win win for them and you!

Gift Bundling: One way to make your retail offerings sparkle a bit brighter is to bundle “like” items together and pack them in cute bags or bows that clients don't have to execute themselves. You could bundle Holiday themed toys, treats, and everyday necessities in a stocking or let your clients pick a stocking complementary and stuff it themselves with tiered pricing! This way your clients are happy & you increase your average $ per transaction!


Wrapped Gifts: How about offering a gift that your clients already love, it comes in it's own gift box, and you & your clients don't have to wrap it either! Like our new gift box full of dog treats shown above, all it takes is a simple satin ribbon to dress it up for gift giving and your clients have a pre-wrapped gift that saves them time! You can also set up a gift wrap station or offer this as an additional service for your clients! While their pup is in the grooming salon getting all dolled up for the Holidays, your client can shop after dropping off their dog and leave their shopping bag with you. You’ll have 2-4 hours (depending on your salon) to wrap those gifts by the time they come back to pick up their dog! By offering this gift wrap service you’ll increase your sales and add value to the life of your client by saving them time!

If this year goes according to predictions within the pet industry… it’s going to be one busy Holiday Season! Prepare in advance for more opportunities to bring value to your clients while scaling your business and it should bring you closer to your company goals. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and am thankful for everyday we all get to spend in such a fun and thriving industry!

Until next time,
Leel Michelle


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