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Making $ from Your Grooming Intellect with a "Beauty Shoppe"


Most grooming salons are frequented by their clientele an average of 6 times per year while visiting their veterinarians an average of only 2 times. The opportunity for so much face time with clients gives grooming salons an advantage when promoting products to solve a multitude of pet challenges. The grooming department or “Beauty Shoppe” as I like to call it is a prime example of using ones’ intellectual property to create more retail sales.

Many grooming salons are the “go-to” for their clients for everything related to the health and well being of their precious pets. Clients frequently look to their groomers for advice on skin & coat conditions, teeth issues, nail problems, diet, and just about anything else related to their pet. Groomers are passionate about their clients and want to help whenever possible. Instead of giving away that free information and sending your clients elsewhere to purchase your favorite products… sell them!
Many products recommended by groomers are already being ordered and carried in their salons. Many shampoos and products that grooming departments use in bulk are also available in retail size which would be perfect to sell to your clients. I know, I know… you’re a busy groomer and don’t want to have to “sell” your retail. If you carry products you absolutely LOVE and use everyday… then you don’t have to “sell” at all! Below are pro tips on how to go about creating a successful “Beauty Shoppe” for your grooming salon.

Location, Location, Location! Placing your grooming supplies close to the intake/outtake door makes it easier to discuss and recommend products as she/he is usually in this location for the hand off of furry clients all day long. This will save time and make it easier to discuss the benefits and application of the recommended products.

Merchandise a full display with signage! We’re all lazy shoppers and need a big fat sign to show us the way! Invest in signage for all your retail departments. This gives your shoppers direction for the things they need quickly. The faster they get to the items they need, the better their shopping experience will be. Make sure your display is ALWAYS full. If you run out of items, downsize your shelving to make them appear full. Corporate retail stores are constantly merchandising the sales floor to ensure that shelves look full and enticing.

Carry what you already use! Clients love to repeat the “just freshly groomed” smell at home. Ensure the facial, shampoo, conditioner, and cologne used in the salon is also available in retail size so clients can replicate that smell at home! In my previous store I would have clients wipe out an entire shelf of “Blue Berry Facial” so they could always have that fresh blueberry smell at home!
Stock the essentials! Think of all the services that clients like to perform at home & that you recommend to them. Nail trimming, teeth brushing, and in between baths. Stock different size brushes, combs, nail trimmers, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and dematting supplies to appease the size variety of furry clients that come in for services.

Demonstrate to build lasting relationships! If needed, supply a demonstration on how to use certain tools that may seem overwhelming or dangerous in the hands of a mere novice (the client.) If your salon carries slicker brushes & dematting tools, give clients a physical demonstration so they don’t hurt themselves or their pet.

The time and capital it takes to set up a well merchandised retail grooming department is not achieved overnight. You can start small with the basics and fill in from there as time and capital allows. Through the knowledge and recommendations of a good groomer, a grooming salon can build lifetime relationships with their clients while building brand loyalty which keeps your clients shopping with your salon for years to come!

Although I have sold my own grooming salon and retail store to none other than @gabrielfeitosagroomer, the years of trials and tribulations to build a brand are still with me and helping me to achieve other goals in my commercial dog bakery and line of grooming apparel. I love sharing these few nuggets of wisdom to other budding entrepreneurs like you!

Feel free to reach out should you have any questions on these or other grooming salon and pet retail related questions. Leel Michelle, Founder & CEO, Dog Cake Bakery LLC ◄

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Leel Michelle
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Thank you for sharing Michelle! Do you have any products that you have found to be most beneficial to your clients or any that you would recommend starting this out with?

I love the idea of selling what you already use as a "freshly groomed smell" at home!

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