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The Importance Of Drinking Water

The Importance Of Drinking Water

It is common knowledge that water is good for you. Drinking water maintains body fluid balance, helps transport nutrients, and digests food; it protects the spinal cord, prevents headaches, regulates body temperature, and assists in the passage of food. Just the sound of water has therapeutic effects.

I’ve been thinking about water and how important it is that we all drink it. I did some research. Studies suggest adults need eight glasses of water per day for normal activity. It is most important to replenish the water that the body uses everyday because water is fuel for our muscles.

Pet stylists are busy. They do not sit down for a minute! Staying hydrated can have a huge impact on how they feel in the course of a day. Drinking water can help pet stylists think clearer, have more energy, feel happier, and improve their state of mind. It can aid in concentration, helping them to feel refreshed, patient, and alert.

For stylists living in desert and tropical states like Arizona and Florida, drinking water is even more crucial. Fluid losses are accentuated in warmer climates. For mobiles and housecallers, it is important to stay hydrated as they work through the hot summer months and are more affected by the temperatures outdoors.

Water has a long list of benefits. It can help you fight fatigue, prevent pain, and keep your kidneys healthy. Drinking water can help you fight germs, prevent cancer, and flush toxins and fat out of your system. Staying hydrated can result in healthy skin, calorie control, and acts as an appetite suppressant.

Now I have a confession to make. I do not like water.

I knew I had to take some action. I tried everything. Bottled water. Tap water. Ice water. I couldn’t do it. I tried adding packets of unsweetened ice tea, lemonade, and fruit punch. I moved into drinking flavored seltzer. No. Then I found an answer to my problem.

My daughter Blake told me about Soda Stream.

Soda Stream is a small appliance that comes with a carbonating bottle that turns tap water into seltzer. I finally found a type of water I could drink. Problem solved!


Seltzer can also be made the old fashioned way, with a seltzer bottle.


You can find instructions online on how to build a setup to make your own carbonated water at home.

Make Drinking Water Fun And Healthy

 Jazz It Up!

1. Add lemon. Lemons increase your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories and store less fat.

2. Fill a jug with water. Add sliced fruit (citrus or melon) and ice; refrigerate overnight.

 3. Soak pineapple chunks in water for two hours.

4. Make a mash of blueberries or raspberries.

5. Pour in a splash of unsweetened juice.

6. Add fresh mint.

7. Add cucumber slices. Cucumbers are full of antioxidents and may have anti-cancer benefits.

8. Use clementine slices as ice cubes.

9. Add crushed basil leaves.

10. Reserve the water from boiled vegetables and chill overnight.

You can also obtain water from food, not just beverages, so eat fruits and vegetables. Carry water wherever you go as a reminder to keep drinking. Keep a bottle next to your grooming table or in your grooming van.

Drinking water is essential to living and influences 100% of the processes in your body. By the time you experience the sensation of feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. It is important to drink water everyday. In our country water is clean and available. Raise your glass high — cheers, drink to your health!



Ellen Ehrlich is a mobile pet stylist who loves to think, talk, read, and write about pet grooming. Next to grooming, Ellen loves to empower, motivate, and inspire other groomers to be the best they can be. She is the author of The Successful Pet Groomer, Go Mobile And Succeed, and 49 Essays On Pet Grooming. For more information go to: