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I had no idea what the future held when I graduated from grooming school in 2006. I thought I was going to be a mobile groomer and spend my days grooming dogs and cats. Something happened one evening that changed the course of my life. I was sitting in my favorite chair in 2008 when I had an idea. I decided to write an outline of my business.

I loved mobile grooming so much! It was all I thought about. It made perfect sense to me to analyze my business. When I was finished with my outline I knew I had something but, I didn’t know what. It just so happened Intergroom was around the corner. I decided to bring the outline and show it to somebody … but to whom?

I wandered around Intergroom with a manila envelope under my arm. “Who should I give it to? What should I say?” Then I spotted a friendly face across the room … Daryl Conner! I walked up to her and introduced myself and asked her, “Would you take a look at my outline?” She responded, “Yes!”

Then I waited. I was terrified of what she might say. Would she tell me, “Ellen, That’s dreadful! Pack it in girlfriend! It’s a dud.” Then the email came. Daryl said, “Write a book.” I did a double take. My eyes opened wide. 

Write a book? I had never written anything in my life. The last time I wrote a paper I was in college. To make matters worse, I can’t type well. It seemed ridiculous and formidable at the same time. How could I write a book when I had only been grooming for two years? 

I often think back to the night I got Daryl’s email. I’m glad I didn’t listen to my own voice whispering in my ear, “Are you crazy woman? You can’t write a book. You are not a writer,” when I had an “ah-ha” moment. Daryl’s comment created a vision. Write a book? “Yes, I will I said to myself. I will try.”

Fulfilling a dream or a vision is a process. It all starts with an idea that you believe in. From that idea a plan is born. It can be terrifying. That’s where the scary part comes into play. “What if I fail? Will I look foolish? What will others think?” It’s best to put those feelings into a little box throw away the key and get started on your dream.

Negative thinking will not help you accomplish your goal. Don’t let quitting be an option. There can be many ups and downs and discouraging moments on the bumpy road of fulfilling your dream. If you truly believe in what you are doing, these feelings will fall to the wayside as you immerse yourself in the project at hand.

Fulfilling a dream is not just the physical task of sitting down and typing, such as writing a book. A tremendous amount of thought goes into it. That’s the fun! Use your imagination. Let it run wild! This is your dream. Enjoy the ride. It is one of the best parts.

Dreams do not happen on their own, overnight. Be committed and focus on your dream everyday. Tackle a little bit on a regular basis. Climbing a mountain begins with a single step. Create your own ripple. Work hard. Take action. Keep a notebook handy to jot down your ideas. Keywords and key phrases are valuable and useful tools as you follow the path of fulfilling your dream.

If you need advice or hit a roadblock reach out. Successful people I know want to help others fulfill their dreams. This creates a pay it forward domino effect that enables and encourages others to accomplish their goals. Share. Be a team player. Network. This can make everyone’s future success even sweeter.

I spent the next year of my life grooming everyday and writing every night, fulfilling my dream. I wrote and wrote and wrote until I had nothing left to say about mobile grooming. That’s how Go Mobile And Succeed was born. I share this story with you because that book went on to become loved by many who were interested in mobile pet grooming. It empowered women and men to change their careers and lives.

I went on to do many things I never thought I could. As I worked and the years went by I began to see that my career was more than just about grooming pets and helping people have a successful business. When speaking in the grooming industry, I always tell my fellow pet stylists, “I want to inspire you to have the best business you can. Go out and make your hopes and dreams happen.” Through commitment, determination, passion, and hard work everyone can achieve more than they ever thought they could. Dreams can become a reality. 


Ellen is the author of Go Mobile And Succeed, The Successful Pet Groomer, and 49 Essays On Pet Grooming. For more information go to:


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Laura Prewitt

I have decided to start a "2nd career" as a pet stylist. My story was similar to yours, only I have wanted to do this for 15 years. After a horrible incident at the groomers where my rescue Shih Tzu, Lucy (she was abused by the owner I took her from...a story for another day!) was stabbed with a pair of shears by a hung over groomer, I decided to have a mobile groomer come to me. Unfortunately, the few we have in my upscale area were completely booked with waiting list that were pages long. After beginning to cry & telling The last groomer that I would attempt to do it myself, she took down my address and said she would be over after her last appointment of the day. When she showed up I was impressed with her mobile unit. It was a pull behind trailer but it looked awesome and I wanted one. She started to tell me about the vans that they have that she wanted to purchase and how she runs her business. After an hour and a half of her talking to me, I realize this was the time to make my dream come true. I was going to have a job that was no longer a job but a passion. So with that I say thank you to you and your fellow groomers. With all your experience that you are sharing with us, it is helping me & others like me, to be more comfortable in making our dreams come true. I purchased your book last week off of and I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. I'll post again once I'm done reading! Be patient for it though because well I am reading your book I am also in grooming school and finishing my last year of business school and working a full-time job while keeping my house going! LOL!

Ellen Ehrlich

How exciting! I remember how I felt when I decided to go to grooming school. You should have the book any day as It has been sent. I know it will be of tremendous help to you in starting your mobile business. Wishing you tons of success! I still love mobile grooming as much as I did my first day. Let me know how you like the book. Hugs!

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