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Thinking about going to grooming school or becoming a mobile pet groomer? Maybe you have seen a grooming truck or trailer in your neighborhood, perhaps on your street. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bring your own grooming shop right to Scruffy’s front door? 

Are you considering a grooming career or are currently a shop, home, or house call groomer, itching to make a lifestyle change? My “go mobile” story started with a standard poodle puppy and a dream. That was ten years ago and today I am a successful mobile groomer.

If I can do it, you can too!

Mobile pet grooming is more than a job… it’s a passion. It’s a wonderful combination of people and pet skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and a creative outlet. It’s opened a door to new friends, exciting challenges, and financial success. It gave me the opportunity to write, speak, motivate, and excite others about the mobile grooming business.

Have I mentioned the FUN you can have?  Pet grooming is a people business and people who groom like to have fun and support each other. The common bond among groomers is incredible. Many read my blogs, books, and articles, contact me, ask questions, and best of all, we have fun being groomers together. I want everyone I meet to go mobile and succeed!

The grooming conventions are simply the greatest. They are like mini vacations where watching the competitive grooming combines the excitement of a live sporting event and the creative thrill of a fashion show all rolled into one. And talk about meeting people?

Celebrities and icons in the industry, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, authors, trendsetters, and thousands of talented groomers gather together. There is something for everyone at every convention from the brand new, never done it before newbie, to the top ranked master groomer who can turn Scruffy into Cleopatra. Nothing beats a grooming convention to experience, up close and personal, the entire universe of the pet industry. It’s a chance to see and participate, ask questions, learn, meet people, and get inspired. 

Mobile groomers offer a service that is in demand. It’s a rapidly growing industry filling a real need where opportunity is in every driveway. You set your hours, your prices, decide what services you want to offer, what tools and products you use, and exactly where and when you want to work. Be your own boss, work in your own environment, expand, contract, own, not rent, your own van or trailer, mobile groomers are in control and can do very well in any economic climate. The flexibility and financial rewards are tremendous. There is still so much opportunity especially if you are willing to groom cats and big dogs.

With the right skills, understanding your location, and learning how to run the business properly from the start your phone will ring off the hook! I’m so busy right now I could buy another van and hire an employee.

When I wrote GO MOBILE AND SUCCEED I spent a year of my life writing down everything I needed to know from soup to nuts to start, grow, and run a mobile grooming business. The book is the story of my journey into the pet care industry. A workbook of sorts that details the step-by-step process I went through, highlighting the entire adventure on the road to success.

Take it from me – I went to grooming school when I was fifty years old. I am living proof that it is never to late to take the plunge, reinvent yourself, change your world, learn another skill, start a business, and chart your life in a wonderful, exciting, new direction. 

Graphics courtesy of Milena Bermudez —DMK Marketing Solutions

Ellen Ehrlich is a mobile pet stylist who loves to think, talk, read, and write about pet grooming. Next to grooming, Ellen loves to empower, motivate, and inspire groomers. For more information go to:


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Beautiful page! Thank you Ellen. You are a gem!!!

Ellen Ehrlich

Thanks Sue! xx

Gary Bates

For this career one of the most important things is that you should be in love with pets. When you do that, you'll never consider this as just a job but your passion. You'll never get bored of it.

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